MPI Program


We are proud to offer treatment methods that are evidence based. The MPI Program is based on the many years of research by UCSB Speech and Hearing Professor Dr. Roger J. Ingham and colleagues. After a lengthy period of basic research and clinical trials the MPI Program emerged and is now being tested in Phase II clinical trials with NIH support. Progress with these trials is such that the program is showing strong signs that it is very effective in achieving sustained and durable fluency with clients who meet a series of assessment criteria.

MPI is short for Modify Phonation Intervals. A phonated interval (PI) is the elapsed time of a voiced unit of speech. Through extensive research and studies, we have found by manipulating or “modifying” the client’s PIs, we can achieve durable and natural-sounding fluent speech in most clients who meet selection criteria.

The MPI program is divided into three phases:

Establishment Phase

The goal of the Establishment Phase is for the client to achieve stutter-free and natural sounding speech within the clinic. This is accomplished by using specialized biofeedback software that is customized to the client by the Clinician. Clients typically achieve stutter-free speech by working on a regimented training schedule of 2-hour daily sessions lasting approximately 7-10 consecutive days.

Transfer Phase

The aim of the Transfer Phase is for the client to transfer the same stutter-free and natural sounding speech established within the clinic outside of the clinic. This is accomplished with real world speaking assignments (i.e. talking on the phone, to a person, etc) and recording the conversation with a portable digital voice recorder. The recordings, which clients upload to the Clinician through this site, are evaluated by the Clinician to evaluate the client’s progress. This phase is completed in approximately 5 weeks.

Maintenance Phase

The purpose of the Maintenance Phase is to maintain the progress achieved in the Transfer Phase while gradually reducing the client off of the speaking tasks. This phase is completed in approximately 9 months.


Our qualified Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP) manage each client’s MPI treatment program. Once treatment is complete, most clients achieve natural-sounding stutter-free speech.

The MPI program is now offered for adults and adolescents with chronic developmental stuttering at the UCSB Stuttering Treatment Clinic and at San Francisco Speech Solutions.